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Book Entertainment Ads in Ajit Newspaper

Ad4print is offering an economic and efficient medium for spreading awareness about your lifestyle or fitness establishments, like yoga studio, gymnasium, spa, beauty parlor etc. Simply Book Entertainment Ad in Ajit Newspaper and inform your potential customers, suppliers and distributors about your business and enhance your profit manifolds.

Nowadays, everyone has become serious about their health and searching for measures online and offline to remain fit and attain a healthy body. You can be the first to offer fitness and therapeutic services and make a loyal customer base. Through easy and convenient Entertainment Ad Booking in Ajit, you can take the first right step in informing thousands of your potential customers about your quality services and achieve your advertisement goals.

Pricing of the entertainment ads at Ad4print

You can select from two forms of classified ads at Ad4print, namely Classified Text ads and Classified Display ads. Due to the difference in their formats, these ads are charged differently.

  • Also know as Run on line ads, Classified Text ads are priced according to words/characters/lines that are used in the content of the advertisements.
  • Column ads or Classified Display ads are charged on the basis of the amount of space which the advertisement takes in per square centimeter unit. You can choose Classified Display ads in black and white or colored format and alter them in length or height.

The Ad4Print Benefit in Booking Ajit Entertainment Advertisements:

  • Easy booking of entertainment advertisements following easy steps.
  • Avail the best rates in the industry.
  • Choose from the best deals and packages including special deals, combo packages etc.
  • No overhead charges for booking ads with Ad4print.
  • Select the way you want to pay for your ads including multiple online and offline measures.
  • Conveniently track the progress of your advertisements online till they are processed and ready for printing.

For Entertainment Ad Booking in Ajit,you can effectively use the online ad booking portal of Ad4print. You simply need to follow these steps:

  • Start with checking out the different cities where in you can print your classified ads and ascertain the advertising rates as well. Now choose the city where you want to print the advertisement.
  • Compose your entertainment advertisement. Check out your sample ads to know the ideal ways to compose your ads and ensure that it stands out from the rest of the advertisements.
  • Finally select the date when you want to print your advertisement. Conveniently pay for the ad using multiple online or offline modes.

Need more info?

For more information about Ajit Entertainment Advertisements Booking, feel free to call us at 09814600107.